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UN Security Council condemns devastation of natural heritage and notes that poaching and trafficking of wildlife are a factor that fuels the crisis in the Central African Republic

UN Security Council condemns devastation of natural heritage and notes that poaching and trafficking of wildlife are a factor that  fuels the crisis in the Central African Republic

October 11, 2013

Geneva, 11 October 2013 – The United Nations Security Council has condemned the devastation of natural heritage in the Central African Republic and noted that poaching and trafficking of wildlife were among the factors that fuel the crisis in that country in its Resolution 2121 (2013). With this Resolution, adopted at its 7042nd meeting on 10 October 2013, the UN Security Council has also reinforced and updated the mandate of the UN Integrated Peacebuilding Office in that country, and called for a political resolution to the conflict.

In May 2013 CITES Secretary-General John E. Scanlon expressed grave concerns over the deteriorating situation in the Central African Republic, after forest elephants were massacred in a World Heritage Site in the south-western corner of the country bordering Cameroon and the Congo.