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Tanzania Press Release on rhino poaching, ivory seizure


January 19, 2014

We received a report on Saturday night of 18th January, 2014 at around
00:30, on attempt of poachers who killed a rhino ( Black rhino) at Moru, on
the Southern part Serengeti National Park. Wildlife guards who patrolled
the area discovered a shot dead rhino with his horns being poached.

On Friday 17th January, 2014, three armed robbers possessing SMG arms, who
are thought to be among the poachers, had invaded and attack a minibus of
travelers at around 15:00 in the evening in Ngorongoro Conservation Area
and robbed money with other different possessions.

After we received the information, the Government through the Ministry of
Natural Resources and Tourism in collaboration with Peace and Security
Force, we have taken emergency measures by importing a search of poachers
in all areas within the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation
Area as well as areas surrounding these parks.

We have ordered inspection in any car or person who enters or exit these
parks as part of the criminals hunt. We request information from any
citizen who doubts any unknown visitors around their residential areas to
report to the authorized authority. The reported three criminals are said
to be from one of the East African Community member country, this implies
that the poachers syndicate involved in killing of the rhino is large.

The government is now searching for the three criminals with all means
necessary and we are asking citizens to cooperate by providing information
on criminals, whenever possible, to the National Security force.

Early today morning, the Ministry has assigned Task Force (Rapid Response
Team) comprising of 20 soldiers with special arms to add more force in
searching for poachers and make sure they are found.

Serengeti National Park has a total of 32 rhinos (Black Rhinocerous), of
which their natural habitat is in Serengeti. Among these, five rhinos (5)
were brought from South Africa for a special project under the supervision
of H.E. President, Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, where one rhino was killed by
poachers in December 2012.

The poaching situation in the country is getting worse day by day, the
Government has been and will continue to fight against poachers and all
economic sabotage through national resources.

The Government is implementing the resolutions of the National Assembly
which were raised from the Natural Resources and Environment Parliamentary
Committee headed by Hon . James Lembeli and has taken steps to specifically
include the command of the President, by forming a Judicial Commission to
investigate allegations made against the Operesheni Tokomeza . The
government intends to progress with Operation once remedies against the
Operesheni Tokomeza have been solved. The Ministry has taken measures by
suspending 23 of its employees who are facing various charges, including
corruption and helping of poachers.

Despite the reports of arrests for ivory in various locations in the
country, including the incident of a reported case in the Dar es Salaam
Habour, we regret to inform the public that, early this month, Mrs. Salome
Aloyce (Sinza Madukani) , Mr Rajab Omar (Kigogo DSM), and Mr. Kadili
Mohammed Kisanduku (taxi driver – Mbezi Luis DSM ) who were travelling to
Dar es Salaam, were arrested in the Ugenza village in Mufindi, having
transported elephant horns weighing 37 kilogram using a Toyota Corolla car,
with registration number T 580 ABL, owned by Mr . Florian Elias of Dar es
Salaam. These suspects are now detained by the police for further legal