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Suspended Prison Sentence for Beijing Immigration Officer Aiding Ivory Import (China/Burundi)

Wujin News Portal
Feb. 18th, 2015
Former Immigration Officer at Beijing International Border Inspection, sir named Zhu received a 3-year suspended prison sentence for helping Chinese passenger LI Hongli returning from Africa to smuggle ivory products into the country. Their interaction was observed in a controlled-delivery operation by Customs. They were caught at the Custom Inspection point at Beijing International Airport, trying to smuggle 12.98 kg of ivory. Li was sentenced to 5 years in prison. The sentences were handed out by Beijing Mid-Level Third Court.
In August 2013, 37-year old Li went to Kenya to watch the wildlife migration. From Kenya he went on to Burundi, where he found ivory for sale on the markets. Knowing that it is illegal to take ivory back to China, he was attracted by the low price. He purchased necklaces, bracelets, name seals, chess sets and statues made of ivory, spending $3000.
Li’s contacts back home helped him find Zhu who has access to secure areas at Beijing Airport. She agreed to help Li. On September 6, 2013, upon arrival at Beijing airport, Li met Zhu at the luggage carousel and gave her a piece of his checked luggage to clear Customs. Unbeknownst to them, Customs had inspected the plane cargo when it landed and identified the two pieces of luggage suspected of containing ivory. They followed the pair and caught them red handed when Zhu try to evade X-ray inspection of the luggage using her airport special pass.
One of the arguments used by Li’s defense lawyer was that there is a legal domestic ivory market in Burundi. Li’s purchase of ivory was legal. And that he intended to use the ivory for the purpose of personal use and gifting, not for sale. Zhu received a suspended sentence because she pleaded guilty, claimed not knowing the exact amount of the contraband and was only an accomplice to the crime.

Rift Valley Police net elephant tusks worth Sh1.2m in Narok, suspects escape (Kenya)

By Kipchumba Kemei, Standard Digital
April 8th 2014
Narok, Kenya: Police in Narok have seized three pieces of elephant tusks worth more than Sh1.2 million in a private residence outside the town.
The tusks, which police say was to be transported to Nairobi by a taxi, are suspected to have originated from areas bordering Maasai Mara Game Reserve
The area county commander Samuel Mukindia said the tusks, which were seized on Monday evening from a residential house in Total area where it was hidden, weighed more than 48 kg, adding that the occupants of the house escaped the police dragnet.
“We were tipped off and we laid a trap but when the house occupants realised we were closing in, they escaped through a back door,” said Mukindia.
He added that the owner of the contraband, who had hired a taxi to transport them to the city at night, was alerted about police presence by the occupants, forcing him to abandon the mission.
The operation, the first in the region where poachers have killed dozens of elephants and a black rhinos this year, was being coordinated by Narok North deputy police boss Paul Cheruiyot and the deputy Criminal CID officer Daniel Gatimu. Mukindia said a hunt for the occupants of the rented house, who escaped moments before the raid, has been launched and asked the public to assist them in giving any information about their whereabouts.
“We have details about them. With the public support, we will definitely apprehend them,” Mukindia said but declined to say how many they were for fear that it would jeopardize investigations.