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Asia’s World City: epicentre of the ivory trade

Conservationist Richard Bonham has been combating the ivory trade in Kenya for 40 years. Now the ‘white Maasai’ is shining a light on Hong Kong’s dirty little secret, writes John Vidal Most tourists who walk into Hong Kong’s many licensed ivory stores and carving factories browse the displays of statues, pendants and jewellery and accept […]

The difficulties of measuring elephant tusk and rhino horn exports

Ben Hamilton, The Guardian 9 December 2014 In mid-November, Interpol announced a list of nine wanted men involved with poaching and wildlife trade. One of these men was the alleged “ringleader of an ivory smuggling ring in Kenya”, Feisal Mohamed Ali. Earlier in the year, 46 countries signed an agreement in London aimed at tackling […]

Trafficking banned wildlife products moves onto social media: report (China)

Global Times December 8, 2014  Wang Hongjun (pseudonym), a 32-year-old businessman from Zhejiang Province in the auto industry, is busy chatting with a supplier on his WeChat account. On the other end of the chat is not an automotive supplier but an ivory trader. “I just ordered an ivory ring for my mother for 6,390 […]

Stop the carving: How China can help end elephant poaching

JOHN GRUETZNER, The Globe and Mail Dec. 04 2014 John Gruetzner is the managing director of Intercedent, an Asian-focused investment advisory. He recently researched for the World Wildlife Fund its fund-raising options within China. The views here expressed are personal. Chinese basketball star Yao Ming’s new documentary The End of the Wild will, ideally, have […]

13 face ‘artefact theft plot’ trial

By PRESS ASSOCIATION Thirteen men charged with plotting to steal rhinoceros horns and antique Chinese porcelain will face trial in April next year, a court has heard. The defendants, aged between 25 and 67, were charged with conspiracy to steal last month after a nationwide inquiry into high-value museum and auction house thefts. It is […]

Sensitise public to win war against poaching (Tanzania)

BY DANIEL SEMBERYA, The Guardian 1st December 2014 Poaching of elephants is a serious issue in southern Tanzania as well as other districts where elephants are free to stray outside the  national park surveillance. Findings show that the number of elephants in two wildlife sanctuaries in Tanzania indicated a sharp fall by more than 40 […]

Home-grown corruption is killing Africa’s rhinos and elephants

Andreas Wilson-Spath, Daily Maverick November 28, 2014 While the crisis is complex, with root causes in chronic poverty, the absence of sustainable economic alternatives and a burgeoning demand for wildlife products like ivory and rhino horn, the wheels of this multi-billion dollar industry are liberally greased by bribery and corruption at all levels of government […]

Trade in illegal animal products runs wild online (China) November 30, 2014 Online forums and social networking apps have become the primary platform in China for trade in items made with parts of endangered animals, including ivory and rhino horn, according to a report published by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) on Nov. 25. During a six-week period between March and […]

Hong Kong snubs calls to join Elephant Protection Initiative

South China Morning Post 29 November, 2014 Hong Kong officials have rejected requests by activist groups for the city to join an African-led conservation initiative for elephants that aims to shut ivory markets and stamp out the trade. The groups, including the African Wildlife Foundation, Wild Life Risk and WildAid, wrote to the government this […]