Journalist: Luan Xiang

06/03/2014                          Source: Xinhua Net

The original article in Mandarin can be found in the following link: http://news.xinhuanet.com/politics/2014-03/06/c_119638036.htm

Today, former basketball player and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) member when answering questions from Xinhua News Agency, said that he believes that China should make greater efforts to come up with legislation that will wipe out the illegal sale of animal products, while at the same time, it is up to the whole society to work on improving the awareness levels of wildlife protection of the consumers, saying that “Buying ivory is equivalent to purchasing a bullet.”

Yao Ming held a press conference at the Beijing International Hotel, calling on the society to raise the awareness on wildlife protection and called for national legislation that will lead to a total ban on the sale of ivory, rhino horn and other illegal animal products.

Yao Ming, who is a member of the CPPCC, today submitted a proposal on the “introduction of a total ban on ivory and ivory products” and called for support in elephant conservation and a trade ban on ivory and ivory products.

In order to allow for more public understanding on the animal products’ cruel background, Yao Ming once took a 12 day trip to Africa, in an initiative to encourage people to protect animals and consciously resist wildlife products.



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