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Influential Chinese business leaders say no to ivory

February 2014 Wildlife Extra News More than 30 business leaders in China have taken a public stand against the ivory trade by signing a pledge to never purchase, possess, or give ivory as a gift. The group includes Charles Chao, CEO of Sina Corp., China’s largest Internet portal, Liu Chuanzhi, Chair of Lenovo, and 10 individuals from the Forbes […]

Staff at the Airport Smuggled Ivory with a “Pass”

Yan Fei, Morning Post Feb. 22, 2014 According to Beijing Morning Post, Liang, a staff from the Beijing Capital Airport Power& Energy Co., Ltd, taking advantage of possessing the pass of the Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA), has smuggled ivory into China, with an amount of more than 1 million RMB. It is reported that, Liang was accused of smuggling precious animal […]


The original article can be found in the following link:   12/02/2014. Shanghai Customs gather to build the largest haul ever in Shanghai Pudong International Airport in an immigration channel ivory smuggling case. The original whole tusks seized were eight whole tooth roots, truncated African elephant ivory and nearly 200 segmented ivory products, a […]

Hong Kong craft shop staff secretly filmed advising customers how to smuggle ivory across border

Patrick Boehler, South China Morning Post 12 February, 2014 A shop assistant is filmed telling an undercover reporter how to take ivory out of Hong Kong. Employees at two established craft stores in Hong Kong advised undercover reporters on how to illegally smuggle ivory across borders, according to a British news report. Raw video footage […]

Ivory is the real draw at Beijing centre

BY MALCOLM MOORE, LONDON DAILY TELEGRAPH FEBRUARY 11, 2014 With its sleek glass and wood exterior, the Tianya Antiques City is a temple to modern Chinese craftsmanship. Inside, the traders sell their wares from boutique stalls more like museums than markets – jade, emerald and coral. But the real draw for visitors to the Beijing […]

US bans commercial ivory trade

PHOTO | AFP KWS officer arranging some of 1,099 pieces of ivory tusks a the port of Mombasa August 21, 2013. The United States clamped down on the domestic trade of elephant ivory Tuesday as part of a new drive to help African countries stem the threat to wildlife from poachers. By AFP WASHINGTON The […]

China, Africa Arrest Cross-Border Ivory Smuggler

Xinhua February 10, 2014 A suspected Chinese ivory smuggler had been apprehended in Kenya after coordinated efforts between the two countries, China’s wildlife authorities said on Monday. The suspect, surnamed Xue, was caught in Nairobi on Jan. 17 by Kenyan authorities, and extradited to China the next day, said the China Endangered Species Import and Export Management Office. It is […]

Orphaned elephants and thousands of murdered wildlife rangers – victims of the brutal ivory trade

Tom Parry, DAily Mirror Feb 06, 2014 Meet Quanza , an elephant orphan who was one year old when she saw her mother shot dead with an assault rifle before her tusks were hacked off by poachers. Quanza’s two sisters went the same way and the young calf was spared only because she had no ivory worth […]

Time to hunt down the ‘kingpins’ of wildlife crime

Sarah Morrison, The Independent February 6, 2014 World leaders are being urged to crack down on the masterminds behind gangs that make billions from animal carcasses The dangerous criminal networks that run the global wildlife trade have been allowed to persist and prosper as a result of “chronic government failures” to treat them seriously, experts have warned, […]

3 tons of seized illegal ivory crushed in Paris

By LORI HINNANT PARIS (AP) — More than 3 tons of illegal ivory seized by French customs agents was pulverized into dust on Thursday in Europe’s first destruction of a stockpile of the banned elephant tusks. The destruction of the ivory, confiscated over two decades, was designed to send a message to poachers and traffickers that […]