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Hong Kong customs reports 40 pct more smuggling cases in 2013

Xinhua January 30, 2014 Hong Kong’s customs authority on Wednesday revealed that it had detected a total of 282 smuggling cases in 2013, an increase of about 40 percent compared with 2012. The commissioner of Hong Kong’s Customs and Excise, Clement Cheung, said that the total seizures of the smuggling cases worth 652 million HK dollars ($83.97 million), an increase of 90 percent. […]

Reporting on the Ivory Trade in Angola: Will the Nation’s Entry to CITES Make a Difference?

By Elena Bersacola and Magdalena Svensson, A Voice for Elephants, National Geographic January 30, 2014 Destruction of stocks of illegal ivory has been prevalent news in the media lately. Most recently it was Hong Kong announcing the intention to crush 28 tons of its illegally smuggled ivory to show support for the fight against wildlife trafficking. This comes […]

ZAWA nabs Chinese for possessing ivory bracelets

By YANDE SYAMPEYO, Zambia Daily Mail January 31, 2014 THE Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has arrested a Chinese national for being in possession of two ivory hand bracelets without a statutory permit. Both Zambia and China are party to the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) which prohibits commercial trade on ivory […]

Very few poachers go to jail, new study shows (Kenya)

Frankline Sunday, Standard Digital News January 30th 2014 Only 4 per cent of offenders convicted of wildlife crimes in Kenya go to jail. This is according to a study conducted by wildlife conservation groups on wildlife-related crime and prosecution in Kenyan courts, which will be presented to the office of the Chief Justice today. The study, which […]

Protesters demand ivory trade ban (London)

London Evening Standard 25 January 2014 Protesters today gathered outside the Chinese embassy to call for a ban on the country’s booming trade in ivory from elephant tusks. Organisers said 150 people took part in the demonstration which called for China to ban the ivory trade and destroy its ivory stocks. Chinese demand for ivory is claimed […]

Poaching is more than an enforcement problem

Science Daily January 21, 2014 Jan. 21, 2014 — Illegal poaching, fueled by the demand for alternative ‘medicines’ and luxury goods in Asian markets, continues unabated. In response unprecedented levels of funding are being invested in enforcement, while events such as China’s public burning of confiscated ivory, serve to publicize the problem. However, research in Conservation Letters asks if these measures are repeating the mistakes […]

Tanzania Press Release on rhino poaching, ivory seizure

UNITED REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND TOURISM PRESS RELEASE January 19, 2014 Press, We received a report on Saturday night of 18th January, 2014 at around 00:30, on attempt of poachers who killed a rhino ( Black rhino) at Moru, on the Southern part Serengeti National Park. Wildlife guards who patrolled the area discovered […]

Chinese arrested with 3kg ivory at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Kenya)

By CYRUS OMBATI, Standard Digital January 19th 2014 NAIROBI, KENYA: A Chinese national was Saturday arrested at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport after being found with 3.4 kilograms of ivory. The 40-year-old man was found with the lower ivory while from Napula, Mozambique to Guangzhou, China. His plane had touched down at JKIA and was to connect when he was seized. […]

Uganda: China Joins War Against Illegal Trade in Ivory

By Simon Musasizi, The Observer 16 January 2014 The fight to save Africa’s elephants has reached China, arguably the biggest market for ivory – the single most important reason the giant beast is quickly becoming an endangered species. China recently destroyed six tons of confiscated ivory, raising hopes for progress in the war against illicit trade in the commodity, […]

Controversial Ivory destruction: walking between the legal principle and emotion

Zhang Ke, First Financial Daily Jan 7th, 2014 January 6th, the State Forestry Administration and the General Administration of Customs in Guangdong Province, joined together to destroy 6.1 tons of confiscated ivory in public. This is the first time for the Chinese government to destroy its stockpile of illicit ivory in public since the founding of People’s Republic of China. Both criticism and praise have […]