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Zanzibar police seize 40-foot container of ivory (Tanzania)

Agence France Presse November 2013 Police in the semi-autonomous Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar on Wednesday said they had seized a 40-foot (12-metre) container hiding an estimated several tonnes’ worth of ivory. The seizure comes as authorities in Tanzania crack down on poaching amid a surge of killings of elephant and rhino in the east African nation. “This is unacceptable, we […]

The survival of elephants depends on our collective stand against the ivory trade

Grace Ge Gabriel, IFAW November 13, 2013 At the invitation of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, I am flying into Denver, Colorado today to witness the destruction of the elephant ivory seized in the United States. Nearly six tons of elephant ivory confiscated from illegal trade will be destroyed by crushing at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal […]

U.S. Ivory Crush Should Be Just a First Step

Bryan Christy, National Geographic November 12, 2013 This Thursday, the United States government will destroy nearly six tons of ivory, which represents a good portion of the ivory the U.S. has seized since the late 1980s, when a national ban on commercial African ivory imports went into effect. It will be a symbolic act. But symbolism matters. Ivory destruction ceremonies have been […]

Ivory stockpile to be publicly destroyed as Obama seeks to end illegal trade

Suzanne Goldenberg, The Guardian 10 November 2013 The ivory stockpile in the secure government warehouse – six tonnes of scarred tusks, glossy Confucius statuettes with $10,000 (more than £6,000) price stickers, coffee table items, and too many chunky cuff bracelets to count – represents millions of dollars and the slaughter of thousands of African elephants. On 14 November, at Barack Obama’s instruction, and in front […]

Tanzania: EA States Urged to Act Tough On Poaching

By Peter Temba, Tanzania Daily News 12 November 2013 Moshi — GOVERNMENTS in the East African region have been urged to take stern measures against poaching in order to maintain the survival of rare and endangered animal species in national parks. “Recently there have been many disturbing reports of poaching in various media outlets in the region,” said Mr […]

Tanzania to Continue Controversial Anti-Poaching Campaign

abahi 8 November 2013 Tanzania will continue a controversial anti-poaching operation, President Jakaya Kikwete saidThursday (November 7th), overturning last week’s suspension following reports of rampant human rights abuses. “We are going to rectify such mistakes and take to task culprits, and later continue with the mission to fight poachers and protect elephants from imminent extinction,” Kikwete told parliament, according to AFP. Parliament […]

US, China team up for wildlife

By DENG XIANLAI, China Daily November 7, 2013 The US and China, the world’s two largest markets for wildlife products, are joining efforts to combat wildlife trafficking — one of the most lucrative forms of transnational organized crime — which generates an estimated $7 billion to 10 billion annually. While the US portrays itself as a leader in stopping the […]

Tanzania: Foreign Nationals Warned Against Poaching

Tanzania Daily News 5 November 2013 Dodoma — THE government has vowed to take serious punitive measures against foreigners who enter the country and then engage in poaching. The Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Mr Lazaro Nyalandu, said that irrespective of their countries of origin, the government would not hesitate to take action against such people as the country […]

Operation Tokomeza: 89 elephant tusks found in car (Tanzania)

Kevin Heath, Wildlife News November 5, 2013 Further success from the recent crackdown in poaching has been announced including the discovery of 89 elephant tusks being transported in a saloon car on October 29th – just hours before the operation was ordered to shut down amidst claims of abuses. The tusks were found close to Masasi township at a road checkpoint. […]

The Ivory Trade Is Out of Control, and China Needs to Do More to Stop It

Per Liljas, Time Magazine Nov. 01, 2013 Around 100 African elephants are being slaughtered daily just so people can carve ridiculous ornaments from their tusks Ride the subway in a Chinese metropolis like Beijing or Shanghai and chances are you’ll come across an ad depicting mutilated Chinese characters.Xiang, the first character, means elephant, except that lacking some strokes, it […]