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Kenya: Magistrates Lenient On Wildlife Traffickers

BY PAULA KAHUMBU, 29 NOVEMBER 2013 WildlifeDirect has been studying the conclusion of wildlife crime cases at Nairobi’s Makadara court which handles all arrests made at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Already this year there have been at least 45 arrests. Out of 45 arrests 84% were offenders of nationalities from the Far East (42% […]

Ivory poaching avalanche headed for South Africa

Sharon van Wyk, Wildllife News November 29th, 2013 South African National Parks (SANParks) has been warned that the scourge of ivory poaching currently affecting the rest of Africa is likely to hit South Africa in 2014 according to Dr Hector Magome, SANParks Managing Executive: Conservation Services. “At CITES (Convention for The Trade in Endangered Species) held in Bangkok in March we […]

First time rhino, ivory products returned: Hawks (South Africa)

Catrine Malan, Jacaranda FM 27 November 2013 A consignment of ivory products and rhino horn with an estimated value of R23 million on the black market is the first such seizure returned to South Africa, the Hawks said on Wednesday. “It’s a first for us,” Colonel Johan Jooste told reporters in Johannesburg. “We are very proud of everybody pulling […]

Nations fight back on ivory

Daniel Cressey, Nature News 26 November 2013 It has been a bad year for Africa’s elephants. Thousands have been killed as poachers rush to cash in on soaring ivory prices, which have reached hundreds of dollars per kilogram. The cyanide poisoning of up to 300 animals at watering holes in a game park in Zimbabwe last month served as a particularly unpleasant […]

The Economics of Illegal Ivory

By Lauren Kirchner, Pacific Standard November 20, 2013 —- The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says destroying ivory can reduce supply and demand at same time. — In a visually dramatic display, designed to attract as much press attention as possible, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service crushed its entire stockpile of illegal ivory tusks and carvings, confiscated over […]

Hong Kong Is Sitting On 30 Tons Of Ivory and Has No Plans to Destroy

By Per Liljas, Nov. 18, 2013 While other countries have destroyed confiscated tusks, Hong Kong stockpiles an ivory mountain. Conservations say it must be incinerated to send the right message. ———————– When it crushed six tons of confiscated ivory on Thursday, authorities in the United States ensured that it had no chance of ending up in the wrong hands. Hong Kong, which seized […]

The elephant emergency: Summit to be held in Botswana

Katie de Klee, Daily Maverick 18 Nov 2013 The African elephant is the world’s biggest land mammal; walking the earth at a dignified pace, the elephant has earned its place in the folklore and legend of many cultures. But this impressive creature is being slaughtered at alarming rate for its ivory: it is estimated one elephant is killed every 15 […]

Zimbabwe: High Court to Rule On Ivory Smuggler’s Bail Application

The Herald 18 November 2013 A High Court Judge is tomorrow expected to make a ruling on the bail application of a Chinese man who was arrested last month on allegations of trying to smuggle out of Zimbabwe raw ivory and ivory artefacts worth more than US$28 000. On Thursday last week, Justice Amy Tsanga requested Chen Guoling to submit certain documents before […]

Kenya: Poachers Kill Elephants in Maasai Mara Reserve

By Kiplang’at Kirui, The Star 15 November 2013 TWO elephants have separately been killed in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Narok county. In the first incident, suspected poachers killed an elephant at Olposimoru village on the Kenya-Tanzania border near Maasai Mara on Wednesday. The suspects escaped with the elephant’s tusks Narok KWS senior warden Benard Koruta said the poachers fled to […]

$1 million reward for help dismantling wildlife trafficking gang

By Jacqueline Charles, Miami Herald November 14, 2013 A day before federal wildlife officials are set to send a message to poachers by destroying six tons of ivory, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced a $1-million reward program to combat the illegal wildlife trafficking trade. The United States is prepared to pay up to $1 million for information leading […]