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Vietnam Authorities Seizes 2 Tonnes of Ivory From China-Bound Ship

Vietnamese authorities seized around two tonnes of elephant tusks from a ship which took off from Malaysia, from the Hai Phong province, state media reported on Wednesday. The import was initially thought to be sea shells by customs officials in Malaysia. After a thorough examination in Vietnam, the odd-looking container revealed an assortment of ivory, cut into three to four pieces. “We discovered suspicious signs […]

A black year: Major ivory seizures in Hong Kong 2013 (China)

China Daily October 11, 2013 January 3: A 20-foot shipping container from Kenya declared to contain architectural stones is found to have inside it 779 ivory tusks weighing 1,323 kg and worth around HK$10.6 million. The tusks were packed in 40 sacks inside five wooden crates and were covered by stone plates. April 30: Customs officers seize 113 ivory tusks […]

Germany demands UN resolution on poaching

DW.DE October 10, 2013 Poaching and illegal animal trading are not only threats against animals but also for humans. Proceeds finance violence and terrorism. Now Germany and Gabon are demanding a UN resolution. ——————- For Jams Leape, head of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), poaching is a deadly spiral of crime. “Elephants are being poached; their ivory is sold […]

Kenya: Six Jumbos Killed in Kajiado

By Kurgat Marindany, The Star 2 October 2013 At least six elephants have been killed by poachers in three community conservancies in Kajiado West constituency in less than two months. Residents are now appealing to Kenya Wildlife Service to increase surveillance in Loita, Olkiramatian and Shompole where poachers are targeting. The Olkiramatian Conservation Project secretary, Joseph Sirai, told the Star that he […]

Anti-ivory-trade marchers out to save our elephants (China)

South China Morning Post 05 October, 2013 A group of marchers against the ivory trade took to the streets yesterday to raise awareness among mainland shoppers about the horrors of elephant poaching. The group of about 50 campaigners, led by a dozen young people, marched around a busy stretch of luxury shops on Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui yesterday, at the […]

How to end the elephant slaughter

By Cristian Samper, Patrick Bergin, Peter Seligmann, Azzedine Downes, and Carter Roberts, CNN September 27, 2013 (CNN) — Dzanga Bai is a magical place of natural wonder. It is on the Central African Republic’s southwest border with the Republic of Congo and is widely considered the most important gathering place for forest elephants in the entire Congo basin. For decades — and […]