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The Heavy Cost of Elephant Poaching

y Andrea Turkalo, U.S. News October 24, 2013 Curbing ivory poaching requires major changes in political will An unprecedented demand for ivory today has resulted in the slaughter of elephants throughout their range. It is estimated that 96 elephants were killed in Africa each day during 2012. That translates to four elephants an hour or one elephant every 15 minutes. In scarcely more time than […]

Malaysia’s ‘blood ivory’ trade continues

Sean Whyte, Free Malaysia Today October 23, 2013 This week Vietnamese customs officials discovered and confiscated 2.4 tons of elephant ivory. The ivory had been shipped from Malaysia, again. Earlier this month the same Vietnamese officials confiscated a shipment of 2.1 tons of elephants ivory, once again shipped from Malaysia enroute to China. As anyone can see, Malaysia remains a very […]

Death in China, one dollar in Africa – the irony of ivory poaching penalties

SHARON VAN WYK, Daily Maverick 23 Oct 2013 In China the penalty for poaching an elephant is death. In Africa, it is considerably less. The irony in this is that the global trade in illegal ivory is driven, for the most part, by China, some of whose citizens are helping to lay waste to Africa’s elephants, largely without fear of […]

Shark Fin Victory May Offer Hope for Elephants

China Digital Times October 22, 2013 On the China in Africa Podcast, Eric Olander, Cobus van Staden and Huang Hongxiang gloomily discuss prospects for decisive action from Beijing to stop the Chinese-fueled slaughter of elephants for ivory. The problem, Huang suggests, is that the issue has yet to gain momentum among the public. At The Washington Post, though, Simon […]

The amazing intelligence of elephants

John Sweeney, The Guardian 14 October 2013 Science in the 21st century is at last beginning to map the intellect of elephants – and that may cause trouble for those who shoot elephants for sport, such as big game hunter Donald Trump Junior, or for profit, such as poachers exploiting the greed for ivory in China. The scientists are playing catch-up, proving […]

Kenya: International March for Elephants Invades New York

BY JAMES MURUA, 17 OCTOBER 2013 The Hands Off Our Elephants campaign, led by Dr Paula Kahumbu, went to New York on October 4 for the International March for Elephants to raise global awareness on the illegal ivory trade and its dire impact on elephant populations. They also spoke on the impact of poaching on human rights […]

Advertising campaign changing minds in China on ivory trade

Jeremy Hance, October 16, 2013 For three years, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has been running advertizing campaigns in Chinese cities to raise awareness on the true source of ivory: slaughtered elephants. A recent evaluation of the campaign by Rapid Asia found that 66 percent of those who saw the ads said they would “definitely” not buy ivory […]

UN Security Council condemns devastation of natural heritage and notes that poaching and trafficking of wildlife are a factor that fuels the crisis in the Central African Republic

UN Security Council condemns devastation of natural heritage and notes that poaching and trafficking of wildlife are a factor that  fuels the crisis in the Central African Republic CITES October 11, 2013 Geneva, 11 October 2013 – The United Nations Security Council has condemned the devastation of natural heritage in the Central African Republic and noted that poaching and trafficking of wildlife were among the factors that fuel the crisis in that country in its Resolution 2121 (2013). With […]

Exposing myths: Chinese connections in African ivory & rhino horn markets

Wildlife Extra News October 2013 For the first time, journalists from mainland China worked with African journalists on an undercover investigation into the Chinese connection with ivory and rhino horns market in South Africa and Mozambique Courtesy of Oxpeckers Center for Investigative Environmental Journalists ( October 2013. Wildlife trafficking syndicates brazenly sell rhino horn and ivory at Chinese markets in Southern […]

Terrorism and the ivory trade

By Laurel Neme, Andrea Crosta and Nir Kalron, Los Angeles Times October 14, 2013 If the world needs another reason to get serious about combating elephant poaching, here’s one: The attack by terrorists on Westgate Mall in Nairobi. Income from illegal ivory trafficking is a substantial funding source for the Shabab, the group that claimed responsibility for the attack. The connection […]