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Kenya: Two Held With Six Elephant Tusks

By Alloys Musyoka, The Star 26 August 2013 TWO suspected poachers were arrested by Kenya Wildlife Service officers at Mkongani in Kwale with 17 kilograms of elephant tusks worth Sh600,000 on Friday. Samai Hamisi and Masoud Josa are said to be among other poachers who have been on the run, evading KWS officers’ traps. KWS deputy director for community affairs in […]

How rogue Kenya Wildlife Service personnel protect poachers behind wildlife massacre

By Joe Kiarie, The Standard June 8th 2013 NAIROBI, KENYA: Details of how unscrupulous Kenya Wildlife Service ( KWS) staffers have been colluding with poachers to massacre wildlife in the Tsavo can now be revealed. The officers find buyers for trophies, steal from stockpiles or help poachers, warn their accomplices about ranger patrols and harass […]

Ivory: Africa’s New Blood Diamond

The Politic (The Yale Undergraduate Journal of Politics) August 13, 2013 Elephant and rhino poaching is a hard-to-detect funding source for African terrorism. By Adira Levine As the international financial community implements electronic regulatory measures to identify and stymie terror financing, a funding source for African terrorism has emerged that is far less detectable by computerized systems: elephant and […]

Kenya: The War On Poaching Is On – KWS

By Joseph Muraya, Capital FM 17 August 2013 Nairobi — The recently unveiled inter-agency anti-poaching unit comprising officers from specialised elements of the Kenya Wildlife Service, Administration Police and the General Service Unit will strengthen the fight against poaching. KWS spokesperson Paul Muya told Capital FM News that setting up the agency demonstrates the government’s commitment in ensuring that wildlife […]

Tanzania: Joint Effort Required to Curb Poaching

Tanzania Daily News 18 August 2013 GOVERNMENT should not be left alone to fight poachers, rather joint efforts are needed from the public as well, a Member of Parliament has advised. The statement was made when the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Amb. Khamis Kagasheki threw in the towel last week, saying government alone cannot tackle the menace. […]

China Customs authority’s wildlife detector dog team ready for action

TRAFFIC August 8, 2013 Ruili, Yunnan Province, China, 8th August 2013—China’s Customs authority now has detector dogs ready to assist in sniffing out wildlife trafficking after three fully trained labradors and their trainers were passed fit for service in the last week of July. To qualify for the novel role in Chinese wildlife trade enforcement efforts, the three canines and their trainers […]

Name That Elephant: How to Identify Elephants in the Wild

Christy Ullrich, A Voice for Elephants, National Geographic August 16, 2013 Elephants are some of nature’s most majestic creatures. But how do scientists know who’s who in the wild? To think like an elephant scientist, it’s important to look at key characteristics, said elephant biologist and National Geographic Explorer Joyce Poole. These traits include sex, body size and shape, tusk configuration, […]

What to do with stockpile of seized ivory remains a dilemma for government (China)

South China Morning Post 18 August, 2013 More than six months after the government scrapped plans to incinerate its ever-growing stockpile of illicit ivory, conservation officials are still struggling to deal with the estimated 16 tonnes of elephant tusks seized since 2008. New figures show that 500kg of ivory has been given to schools for educational purposes since the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department […]

Poaching hurting tourism – wildlife minister (Uganda)

By Moses Mulondo, New Vision August 18, 2013 The minister for trade, wildlife and antiquities, Maria Mutagamba has said poaching by armed and organized criminal syndicates that fuel contraband wildlife trade especially of ivory and rhino horn is one of the major challenges the ministry faces. The challenges were contained in the report the minister presented to the parliament Trade, Tourism and […]

The war on African poaching: is militarisation doomed to fail?

Adam Welz,The Guardian 13 August 2013 ——— African countries and private game reserves are engaging in an increasingly sophisticated arms race against poachers, yet the slaughter of elephants and rhinos continues. Some experts argue that the battle must be joined on a far wider front that targets demand in Asia and judicial dysfunction in Africa. ———- Every two weeks or so, the […]